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Claudine Gertrude; Zen Shiatsu, Yoni Mapping Therapy, The SheSessions

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Claudine Gertrude; Zen Shiatsu, Yoni Mapping Therapy, The SheSessions practises:

Massage, General Intimacy coaching Relaxation Massage Shiatsu Womens Wellbeing Zen Thai Shiatsu Tantra and Sexuality

Reviews for - Relaxation Massage

All body beauty treatment

I actually had no idea what to expect, so when I arrived I filled out a client form, and was introduced to the in-house Air Spa range of natural organic cosmetics. It seemed there had been a program planned for me, and first I was to have a massage....

Aromatherapy massage

The therapist began our session telling me a little bit about aromatherapy as I knew little about it. The essential oils derived from flowers and herbs embody the essence or “soul” of the plant and with it the healing and medicinal qualities...

Hawaiian bodywork

Hawaiian bodywork is about long deep fluid strokes, and with the practitioners’s strong hands, forced me almost into a letting go of lots of tensions from my normally physically lazy lifestyle....

Swedish massage

The session began with the usual chat, with the therapist asking me what I intended for the session, what I wanted to get from it, and any physical ailments I might have. Then it was up onto the...
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