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Damien Wilson: Transpersonal Coaching, Bodywork, Massage


Damien Wilson: Transpersonal Coaching, Bodywork, Massage practises:

Deep Tissue Massage Shiatsu Thai Massage Transpersonal bodywork

Kate Mackie ZenThai Shiatsu


Kate Mackie ZenThai Shiatsu practises:

Shiatsu Thai Massage Zen Thai Shiatsu

Reviews for - Shiatsu

Shiatsu/Chinese medicine/didgeridoo

After the obligatory discussion re ailments I might have, the session began as a general Shiatsu treatment, which means working along the various meridians, stretching and kneading. This was done with clothes on, which seemed to work fine as he was...

Traditional Chinese medicine

I’d been spending inordinate amounts of time at my computer the last month, so my shoulders and back were in need of attention and they sure got it. It had been a long time since I had had a massage from a man, and the strength of his hands was...
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