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Meredith Plowman – Facial Harmony Natural Facelifts


Meredith Plowman – Facial Harmony Natural Facelifts practises:

Beauty RAW energy Balances Kinesiology

Reviews for - Beauty

All body beauty treatment

I actually had no idea what to expect, so when I arrived I filled out a client form, and was introduced to the in-house Air Spa range of natural organic cosmetics. It seemed there had been a program planned for me, and first I was to have a massage....

Holistic skin treatments

Unlike so many skin treatments produced today, the Dr. Hauschka preparations are inspired by a holistic approach to skin care, an inclusive system of the entire body and its relationship to plants, cycles the earth and the universe....

Ozone steam sauna and facial

I’d heard lots of good things about ozone (O3), as research shows that it does wonders for many aspects of the body, ridding the body of infections and toxins, causing remissions in some cancers amongst many other benefits, so I was very...