Satya Martine Baglin, The Journey Therapies and The Journey massage.

Satya is a senior Journey accredited facilitator of ‘The Journeysince 2001.

Satya, who is Brandon Bays‘ personal massage therapist, (when Brandon is in Australia), was asked by Brandon to teach other ‘Journey‘ practitioners to combine The Journey process with other modalities.

Satya Martine Baglin has since then dedicated her life to developing the bridge between The Journey, which she is passionate about, and other modalities. 
Satya has been teaching ‘The Journey-Massage” workshop, which she has created, in Australia and in Europe since 2002.

She is a qualified massage therapist for over 25 years and has a rich background in the healing and therapeutic field.

In her private practice, Satya offers:

  • The Journey Therapies (physical /emotional and designer process)
  • The Journey-Massage
  • Healing Massage (which combines all hands on healing modalities and is tailored to suit the individual’s need.

Satya has trained in the following modalities:

Journey therapies
Remedial, deep tissue and Swedish massage,
Craniosacral Balancing,
Lympho-energetic massage

Member of ATMS (health fund rebate)

Private practice in Ocean Shores near Byron Bay, home visits available.
Phone 0415 953 590

See The Journey Massage for a review of the Journey work, plus Interview with Brandon Bays on this website

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