All body beauty treatment

I actually had no idea what to expect from an all body beauty treatment, so when I arrived I just relaxed into the program, meeting the Air Spa range of natural organic cosmetics.

It seemed there had been a program planned for me, and first I was to have a massage. It was nice to have a light, fluffy massage, just relaxing. I enjoyed the aroma oils, and just being caressed.

Then it was complete, and I dressed and went out, to be ‘picked up’ by another woman who after giving me a glass of water informed me of the next step in my program, Balinese Boreh spice therapy! In the room was a kind of bed/bath, with water spray jets over it. I was given some disposable knickers and hopped on.

She covered my body with a muddy spicey smelling mixture which was a bit coarse so exfoliated whilst invigorating the skin, and then turned on the water to rinse it off. This was great, like lying down in warm tropical rain, having a shower over all of my body at once. Yum.

She said it is meant to balance the body; I just felt good. I liked having an all body beauty treatment!

Then it was next door for a facial. She used lots of things, gave me a foot massage while one thing was working, then a head massage while another. I started feeling around now very relaxed, totally able to relate to people who get addicted to this kind of pampering.

The end of the facial signalled the end of the treatment, which was a shame as I could have stayed there all day. Anyway, I found myself floating out, very relaxed.

Most men wouldn’t think of doing this but I wholeheartedly recommend it for all the blokes out there who have thought this is just women’s business. It is very nice to be pampered like that. A great gift for another or for yourself.

Written by Mark O’Brien for the Here & Now magazine 1999-2005

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