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Aromatherapy massage

The therapist began our session telling me a little bit about Byron Bay aromatherapy massage as I knew little about it.

The essential oils derived from flowers and herbs embody the essence or “soul” of the plant and with it the healing and medicinal qualities embodied in those plants.

The molecules from the oils are small enough to enter into the body and literally do their healing work from within.

After she asked me a few questions about myself and my physical and emotional states, I lay down to begin the massage.

First an aroma mist was sprayed lightly onto my face followed by an eye pillow. My feet were placed in a warm footbath for a beautifully smelling citrus soak, followed by a scrub.

After that, my mind, usually busy with endless details, immediately settled into another space as she continued with some foot reflexology. Her very competent hands worked around my feet, releasing tensions and massaging various points.

I was surprised by how easily I relaxed into the session and how much my body seemed to be responding to her work.

Next she worked on my back, shoulders and neck with a blend of oils she mixed especially for me according to the information I gave her in the beginning (and her own perceptions of what I needed too, I am sure!).

The entire experience was so luxurious, with a whole array of gorgeous smelling oils, aromas and skilful massage techniques gently coaxing my body into such a relaxed state that all it could do was simply receive and take in the healing.

I was then asked to roll over onto my back where the massage continued with some focused work on my neck and finished up with hands and arms.

I could hardly believe it when the session was over, as I usually tend to get slightly impatient if I have been on a table for a while. But in this case, I could have stayed there all day.

I like aromatherapy massage!

By Kelly Wendorf

From “Session of the Month’, Here & Now magazine, Byron Bay, 1999-2005

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