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Debbie Rayfield: Classical Homeopath; Naturopathic Nutrition

Debbie Rayfield: Classical Homeopath; Naturopathic Nutrition; RN Debbie has over 40 years of practical experience in naturopathy and homoeopathy and is a Registered Nurse and a Montessori teacher. Debbie has extensive experience using homeopathic...

Debbie Rayfield: Classical Homeopath; Naturopathic Nutrition practises:

Homoeopathy Naturopathy

Kirsten Tremlett

Kirsten Tremlett: Naturopathy, VEGA practitioner. Are you tired, sluggish, bloated, depressed, irritable or overweight? Do you suffer from insomnia, headaches, skin disorders or hormonal problems? If so, Kirsten Tremlett, naturopath and VEGA...

Kim Kilgariff

Kim Kilgariff: Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Gestalt, Microcurrent Therapy. Ever had back, neck or body pains, or been out of balance with any of the following: emotions, digestion, immune, adrenals, liver, sleep, periods? It’s frustrating...

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I arrived, and we had a long chat about my history, and that of my family. Included in this and of relevance were lots of things that ‘traditional’, allopathic medicine would not be interested in. How I feel under certain conditions, storms,...