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Nicole Huxtable Kinesiology, Counselling and Yoga


Nicole Huxtable Kinesiology, Counselling and Yoga practises:

Yoga Counselling Kinesiology

Ana Mantu Astrology and Counselling


Ana Mantu Astrology and Counselling practises:

Astrology Readings Counselling Psychotherapy

Amara Hurst


Amara Hurst practises:

Counselling Healers Trauma

Reviews for - Counselling

Gestalt therapy

Gestalt Therapy is not so much about having some issue that you plan to sort out, but rather just being present and allowing something to arise. We chatted for a while, me trying to think of something to present as an issue, floundering a little...

Hellinger Family Constellation

Family constellation is to do with gathering your family (usually family of origin, but can be the ‘family’ of people with whom you live or work, or perhaps even an organisation such as a corporation, a club, or community), either physically or...

‘The Work’ of Byron Katie

The therapist spoke for a moment about how in the ‘Work’ the idea is to put our mind down on paper, and then take it apart. She then gave me a form on which I was to write down all my thoughts about the issue I wanted to work with. She...

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a self awareness technique that uses the different aspects found within ourselves as a tool for self reflection, self understanding and to heal inner...

Reverse Speech

Reverse Speech is a relatively unknown technique for accessing the unconscious mind. The theory is that when speech is replayed in reverse, it is possible to find statements and words that have arisen out of the unconscious that may be of help to...
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