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Aneta McCaughey Spiritual Healing


Aneta McCaughey Spiritual Healing practises:

Healers Spiritual Healing Spiritual work

Therese Farnham: Massage and Healing


Therese Farnham: Massage and Healing practises:

Healers Intuitive Massage Massage, General

Bhakta: Presence of Being


Bhakta: Presence of Being practises:

Energy Healing Healers Spiritual Healing

Amara Hurst


Amara Hurst practises:

Counselling Healers Trauma

Reviews for - Healers

Intuitive healing therapy

The practitioner immediately had me lie on her table, with my clothes on and started tuning in via her hands, which she moved here and there around my belly. Soon I found myself becoming quiet as I could sense that there was not going to be a lot...

Multidimensional Cellular Healing

I lay on the table without any idea as to what was supposed to happen, fully dressed, just breathing and letting the practitioners voice wash over me as she guided me into a space of relaxation. The background music of birdsongs helped, and pretty...

Tibetan pulsing healing

Tibetan Pulsing is kinda strange, as there isn’t much for the mind to latch onto and say this is what is happening, as it all takes place deep in the unconscious. It feels kinda weird, and I remember from the past how effective it is in releasing...
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