Kaytie Wood: Chiron Healing®, Chakralight® Therapy, Transformational Counselling, Integrated Healing, NLP, Journey to Healing Guide

Kaytie is an intuitive energy healer and channel who ‘sees’ into the etheric patterns which hold the blueprints for our physical, emotional and spiritual experience, to correct problems at their vibrational source.

This may include issues from the current life, conception and beyond, hereditary genetic patterns, sabotage and survival programs, directing energy to specific areas to dissolve chakra dysfunctions, soul integration, releasing emotional pain, and repairing damage to the etheric pattern from physical and emotional traumas and stresses of modern living.

Her intention is to restore optimum energy flow, raising your vibration to create harmony, balance and ease.

Kaytie Wood is a Byron Bay transformational counsellor, a Byron Bay Chiron Healing practitioner, and a Byron Bay Chakralight therapist.