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Reviews for - Workshops, Seminars

Satori, an incredible safari

I just came back from an intensive journey in “Innerland”. I am still in wonder, amazed, inflamed and with this urge to tell what an extraordinary process Satori is for anybody interested in travelling through “Innerland”, eager to be home...

The Hoffman process – a review

I started doing personal growth workshops in 1983, and along the way have spent more than a year of my life in group rooms. I have done massage groups: I have done encounter groups (those full-on ones where you can end up going...

Satori, Zen meditation retreat

Based on the Zen koan, Who am I?, Satori was probably the most fun process I have ever done. The first couple of days (It goes for 7 days, fully residential) were pretty tough, ('Why am I?' rather than 'Who am I?'...

The Path of Love retreat

I had ideas, desires, to write something deliriously brilliant and comic about the Path of Love (POL) without trivialising what transpired for me and everyone else involved in the group, the 40 something participants and the 70 something...
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