Counselling with Stephanie Yatra Hurst.

Testimonial one

I was in extreme despair with suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, my doctor finally referred me to Stephanie (Yatra). She directed me in a psychodrama with my wounded inner child and then gave me a Spiritual Healing.

I experienced a beautiful luminous golden, then white light, filling my entire body with utter serenity.

I also felt a lovely warmth fill my chest area. Then I saw a purple light swirling in my 3rd eye and a sense of my  crown chakra being somehow blessed or energised.

I then received an ‘inner voice message’ that instructed me to always be loving to myself and others. I felt I was in the presence of some kind of holy being or angel and I left this session actually singing with an unimagined joy in my heart.

For the following weeks and months I felt great and often caught myself ‘whistling a happy tune’. I must say that this hour that I spent with Yatra, would have to be the best hour of my entire life so far!  

Michael B. –  Film Director.

Testimonial two

I was referred to Yatra by another GP, who has also loved the results from her sessions.

I had suffered severe digestive problems and had tried all manner of remedies over a 15 year period, none of which really helped. I was astonished when, after the very first holy light session with Yatra, I awoke the next morning with the physical problems simply disappeared!

After 3 years, those symptoms have not returned, and remarkably, I have also become a much more peaceful and gentle person, as if my personality was softened by this holy light and sound current. Since that day, I have continued to refer my own patients to this truly amazing woman.

Doctor Mary – medical practitioner.

Testimonial three

I visit Yatra for assistance whenever I have general life stress or relationship problems. have loved partaking of all of her methodologies, whether it be the revealing psycho-art sessions; the fun, empowering, uplifting psycho-cabarets with my feminine-masculine archetypes; the Jungian sandplay; the family of origin or adult relationship psychodramas; and the psychotherapeutic dreamwork.

Probably the most miraculous sessions have been where she channels the “Essence of Source”, where I usually go into a state of utter ecstasy! This has literally ‘spiritually awakened’ me to the beauty and magnificence of my own soul.

Since those sessions, I have never felt lonely again. I feel a constant blessing of light with me and I am now living in a state of contentment and gratitude every day. I highly recommend Yatra as being the most qualified, skilled therapist and gifted healer that I have ever known.

Joy J. –  artist, musician, singer, creativity counsellor.

Stephanie Yatra Hurst MA. Trans. Psy; BA. Psy; Psydr.Dir; OT. Dip; AAYM

Medicare and private health refunds available.

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