Yasmine Quartermaine: Rebalancing Massage.

Rebalancing is a deeply meditative approach to body therapy that gives us the essential healing experience of lightness, space and freedom in our bodies.

Incorporating deep tissue release, joint release and craniosacral balancing, these 1 1/2 hour sessions are aimed at restoring the natural harmony of a stress free body and nervous system.

Yasmine Quartermaine has been working with people for 30 years, incorporating shiatsu, reflexology, sports massage, Tibetan healing, Craniosacral balancing, Trager and rebalancing.

After a session with Yasmine, clients feel totally restored to a true state of harmony and wellbeing, leaving with a new spring in their step. Yasmine is available for home visits.

Yasmine lives in Lennox Head. Contact her at yasakash7@yahoo.com.au