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I’d had some sessions of Tibetan Pulsing healing some years ago and found the affects to be very powerful and really like the theory behind it. See

Tibetan Pulsing healing is kinda strange, as there isn’t much for the mind to latch onto and say this is what is happening, as it all takes place deep in the unconscious.

It feels kinda weird, and I remember from the past how effective it is in releasing stuff but at the time I’m unable to identify anything in particular happening (for me anyway).

By alternately constricting and opening the blood flow via the pulsing, energy moves to the area and releases old body/mind patterns.

There is too much theoretical background to attempt to go into here, but it is quite a mindblowing modality.

The session began with the practitioner looking at my eyes to see what marks there were which corresponded with the various organs in the body.

She said there was a ‘jewel’ in each of the kidney and testes/ovaries circuits, so I could choose which I’d like to work with?

Testes are to do with sex and vitality, kidneys to do with femininity. “Testes”, I said, and so I lay on my back on the bed, and with quite intense music playing (there is different music for each organ), the practitioner began just by holding my head for some time, to let me settle.

After some time she told me she was going to do some ‘feet work’, and so placed one foot under my sacrum and the other quite firmly on my right groin area and with that foot started pulsing, alternately pushing and releasing rapidly, all the time holding my feet.

After a few moments she moved her heel to the base of my penis, repeating the pulsing there, and after a few minutes moved she moved to the left groin.

The practitioner then sat on me with her sitting bones on either side of my pubic bone.

I remembered how intimate pulsing can be as she pulsed me in this position, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes grinding one side then the other.

Tibetan Pulsing works with the sexual energy, and at first I wasn’t totally comfortable working so directly with my sexual energy, such as having a heel resting on the underside of my penis, but being the intrepid explorer I am, I just tuned into the music, allowed her to be there, and relaxed.

After quite some time she stopped, and after moving my head a little, informed me that the session was over (about 90 mins) and to take my time getting up.

I lay there quite blissed out, very relaxed, with a delicious open feeling around my genitals and pelvis.

I can relate to people who get addicted to this work, as the feeling in the body is delicious.

I eventually got up, and floated home.

Written by Mark O’Brien for the “Session of the Month’, Here & Now magazine 1999-2005

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