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Byron Bay detox

Byron Bay Detox Retreats and Clinic

Byron Bay Detox Retreats and Clinic “Cleanse your body and let the healing begin in the heart of every cell” Byron Bay Detox offer one of the most comprehensive and wholistic detox programs and treatments today. We provide the space so that one...

Byron Bay Detox Retreats and Clinic practises:

Detox Massage, General Retreats Naturopathy Stopping Smoking

Buddha Gardens Byron Bay Day Spa

Buddha Gardens Byron Bay Day Spa The 0nly Byron Bay Day Spa with tropical gardens, heated plunge pool and sauna Buddha Gardens Byron Bay Day Spa is a sanctuary of flowing waters and peaceful ambience and is devoted to health, beauty and relaxation....

Therese Farnham: Massage and Healing

Therese Farnham: Massage and Healing. Intuitive Massage and Healing Packages in Byron Bay ‘As a therapist I see clients benefit from the physical release that massage and other body work brings, the emotional and mental release with talking...

Therese Farnham: Massage and Healing practises:

Healers Intuitive Massage Massage, General

Claudine Gertrude; Zen Shiatsu, Yoni Mapping Therapy, The SheSessions

Claudine Gertrude; Zen Shiatsu Practitioner, Yoni Mapping Therapist, The SheSessions Claudine Gertrude Yoni Mapping Therapy includes many women centred healing modalities. Claudine is a Yoni Mapping therapist, a Zen Shiatsu practitioner and offers...

Claudine Gertrude; Zen Shiatsu, Yoni Mapping Therapy, The SheSessions practises:

Massage, General Intimacy coaching Relaxation Massage Shiatsu Womens Wellbeing Zen Thai Shiatsu Tantra and Sexuality

Kirsten Tremlett

Kirsten Tremlett: Naturopathy, VEGA practitioner. Are you tired, sluggish, bloated, depressed, irritable or overweight? Do you suffer from insomnia, headaches, skin disorders or hormonal problems? If so, Kirsten Tremlett, naturopath and VEGA...

Jacinta McEwen

Jacinta McEwen: Naturopathic Consultations, Ayurveda, Massage, Kinesiology. Jacinta McEwen is a nurse and naturopath, yoga teacher, herbalist and massage therapist. She has been practising the healing arts for over twenty-five years, working...

Yasmine Quartermaine

Yasmine Quartermaine: Rebalancing Massage. Rebalancing is a deeply meditative approach to body therapy that gives us the essential healing experience of lightness, space and freedom in our bodies. Incorporating deep tissue release, joint release and...

Paritosho Rowe

Paritosho Rowe: Kinesiology, Massage and Essences. Kinesiology is an exciting holistic way to increase and improve your vitality and wellbeing with nutrition, detox, shedding weight or longevity programs, giving you optimal energy and health....

Paritosho Rowe practises:

Massage, General Kinesiology

Tiana Ross massage and beauty

Tiana Ross massage and beauty treatments. Tiana Ross massage and beauty treatments. Quality Massage/Bodywork, Non-Surgical Facelifts, Scenar Therapy, Bio Cleanse Detox. Tiana brings over 30 years’ experience to her work and offers a...

Tiana Ross massage and beauty practises:

Beauty Detox Massage, General SCENAR Therapy Relaxation Massage

Reviews for - Massage, General

The Journey massage

The Journey Massage is unique to the usual The Journey work (From Brandon Bays,see ) because the therapist uses her hands on the body to enhance the inward healing journey that one takes during the...

Polarity therapy

Polarity is about moving energy around the body on the principle that the right side is positive, as is the upper part, and the left and lower are negative. The session began with hands-on, just resting, tuning in, and then she moved quite...