Introduction to Craniosacral balancing
Craniosacral balancing

This is very subtle work which many people swear by.

Done while fully dressed, Craniosacral balancing Byron Bay works more on the nervous system, and as such is fabulous for chronic conditions like migraines, back pain and body-mind disorders like addictions.

Craniosacral can be very helpful if you are simply feeling ‘out of whack’, unbalanced, where things are not going along as they should and you can feel something is strange.

The pure bliss of absolute stillness easily occurs in these sessions‚ it is almost like ‘meditation being done for you’ inasmuch as the practitioner takes you into your own interiority.

For newcomers to meditation Byron Bay Craniosacral balancing provides a taste of deep inner peace and silence‚ a real treat for the nervous system as well as being very therapeutic.

It is sometimes possible to have a double session with two people working on you at once which is truly mindblowing for those adventurous types.

Ask your practitioner if this is possible, it is worth it.

My own experience of Craniosacral is that issues that may be emotional in nature get resolved in the kind of dreamy soup that Craniosacral engenders and along the way some niggling body problem dissipates, fixed.

Quite miraculous in a way.

Visit craniosacral practitioners and also reviews of Craniosacral treatments to find out more

By Mark O’Brien

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