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Masti Adler Bodywork and Counselling

Masti Adler Bodywork and Counselling. Massage: Rebalancing, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, Deep and Sensitive Massage Treatments, Massage Courses, Aware Counselling, Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy Masti’s massage treatments...

Yasmine Quartermaine

Yasmine Quartermaine: Rebalancing Massage. Rebalancing is a deeply meditative approach to body therapy that gives us the essential healing experience of lightness, space and freedom in our bodies. Incorporating deep tissue release, joint release and...

Reviews for - Rebalancing

Rebalancing bodywork

The practitioner theoretically does Rebalancing, a deep bodywork that realigns the musculo-skeletal system. However, after years of working on thousands of bodies she has made her own out of the various disciplines she has learnt....