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Ordinary Life

With Kira Kay

How do you stay in touch with the opening and powerful experiences that can occur in workshop situations or during a session? How do you integrate this experience into ordinary daily life?

I believe that these are important and valuable questions to contemplate.

I share here my own experiences and methods from an intent of support. In my own past I have had times when the days/hours after the actual experience my mind would be rather active and old beliefs, attitudes and patterns of behaviour would seep back into my reality.

Before long I would find myself discounting the experience and not trusting what had occurred.

An experience is simply that; you directly experiencing this moment for however long it is. I used to attempt to “get this back” however I found that often it can be the seeking to “get it back” that in fact holds the experience further away.

Instead of looking to have it back, or to recreate the same experience, look more at being grateful for what you have glimpsed and allow the possibility that more of the same/similar can happen again.

I find it practical to use the past experience as a memory/anchor, a flavour that you can savour to whatever extent you do in memory.

This serves to keep reminding your whole system that such experiences do in fact exist. I find the seeking to have the same experience is through the process of the mind, and the mind cannot directly experience life.

Other techniques include becoming more aware of the process of your mind and behaviour, not trying to change them, simply becoming aware of “you” in each moment.

Sometimes this can be supported by contemplating a question, such as “who am I?” (e.g. who am I in this moment, this situation); “What is my true nature?” (e.g. what is my true nature in this moment): “What is my true purpose?” (e.g. what is my true purpose in this situation) – this contemplation supports you to be in this moment exactly as it is – which is the doorway to direct experience.

This might sound like a contradiction but you need to want to experience directly each moment and yet not try!

Something happens when we let go, relax and allow – yet there is also the need for intention, to direct the energy of seeking in a constructive way.

I also encourage regular meditation; preferably simply sitting and allowing whatever arises. In addition I find that being gentle with oneself and inviting creates space for harmony.

I also encourage following your intuition on any reading of books or meeting with teachers/inspiring people – often being in the presence of people who live more or less in a state of ‘grace’ quickens your own system, reminds it of what is possible.

In essence the state of natural harmony exists all the time within each one of us. However our conditioning and over use of our known senses and mind serve as a buffer between the way most people experience reality and our natural state.

It is not seeking an experience that is outside of us nor one that is only momentarily – it is here all the time. The key is to uncover “you” in each moment.

In conclusion, I encourage you to follow your inner messages and take the courage to be with whatever changes or expansions they may indicate.

It is in each moment that these arise and it is possible to live your potential, in all the small steps, which when you look back may seem like one big step!

I trust that you find this supportive and helpful.

Originally published in Here & Now magazine. By Kira Kay.

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