Mark O Brien

The New Biology, are we ready?

By Mark O’Brien

As most of us realise, many of the institutions that define our society are breaking down. Authors Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, in their new book, Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There from Here, say that today’s crisis are part of a natural process.

Science has been saying for nearly a century that reality is connected, it is alive, and it is dynamic, but most of our society’s structures deny it. This is clear from most of the issues filling the daily news pages.

From climate change, where the problems and answers are obvious to primary school graduates to the various health and environmental challenges that we face, there is a massive gap between the problem and the remedy.

Few of the solutions proposed for our big problems consider that our society is a living dynamic organism and so are generally made for one part, such as the knee, without regard to another, such as the hip.

Any health practitioner worth his/her salt knows that the hip and knee are connected (just like women’s rights, education, local food availability and poverty are connected) so treatments are created accordingly, yet this understanding is not reflected in policy.

For an interview with Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, see a story by Terrence McNally on, entitled The big theories underwriting society are crashing all around us – are you ready for a new world?

The Biology of Belief

Bruce Lipton, in his book, The Biology of Belief, discusses some game changing discoveries he made as a cellular biologist.

What he found was that on the surface of cells there exists a collection of cells that function as a kind of identity which is what causes some cells to be rejected when transplanted into another cell, or body.

In his research he was able to surgically remove this collection of cells, and saw that when he transplanted cells into another body there was no rejection.

What he also found, was that these cells were responsible for allowing, or not, other organisms from entering the cell; ie they are the gatekeepers that define what is let in, what not, so actually choose what experiences the cell has.

At this point he realised that this group of cells functioned like a belief system, inasmuch as they filter what is allowed into the cell.

He also saw that this type of filtering changes over time, and is affected by sickness, ageing, and the state of mind of the individual.

Thus, on a cellular level, science confirms what many self help gurus and Eastern philosophies and religions have been saying, which is that we create our own reality based on our belief.

What is missed, however, by books such as The Secret, is that choosing a new belief is not as simple as choosing a new pair of pants that can be worn over whatever was underneath.

The existing belief needs first to be acknowledged and understood – where it came from, why it was adopted and how it became part of our psyche, and then can be replaced with a belief more in tune with current circumstances.

There are dozens of books and workshops dealing with ‘reality creation’; some are good, some are simply new age nonsense. Perhaps look at the person and see what reality they have created for themselves and see who they are and if it works for them. Do you want that for yourself?

For more info on this exciting breakthrough see the dvd of a talk given by Bruce Lipton entitled The New Biology.

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