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Exercise Is Good For Memory

A study undertaken by the Columbia University Medical Center in New York has shown that people who exercise frequently have better memories than those who don’t.

People who exercise tend to absorb sugar much faster than more sedentary types.

This research at the Columbia University Medical Center shows that those who absorb sugar more slowly than those whose metabolisms are faster tend to have memory problems, and have a faulty part of the brain.

The part of the brain affected is in the hippocampus which is associated with learning and memory.

A study of 240 healthy people over 65 tested glucose levels and memory. Glucose metabolism slows naturally with age, from about 35, but it seems those who maintain a solid exercise regime as they age continue to metabolise glucose quickly.

Adapted from an article by Jordan Lite, Scientific American, 30/12/2008

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Adapted for byronbodyandsoul.com by Mark O’Brien

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