Traditional Chinese medicine

I was looking forward to my traditional Chinese medicine treatment. I’d been spending inordinate amounts of time at my computer the last month, so my shoulders and back were in need of attention and they sure got it.

It had been a long time since I had had a massage from a man, and the strength of his hands was immediately noticeable.

He worked deeply, mainly with Shiatsu and Twina, which uses techniques to elongate and stretch muscle fibres, loosening my neck, getting right in there in some tender places.

He also did some meridian stretches with my legs which felt really good, releasing as he went.

After some time he put some ‘cups’ on my back, which felt very strong, somewhat like a vacuum cleaner attached to the skin, sucking out energy and tension from the bladder meridian he was working with (necessary because of the extended hours at my desk which physically stagnates you somewhat).

While the cups were on he continued massaging, and applying pressure, which was good. After some time he removed them and shortly had me roll over.

He immediately put a needle in my third eye which almost instantly relieved the congestion I always feel after lying on my stomach for extended periods. That was neat.

Then he had a trick with working on my neck I’d never experienced before, difficult to explain, but demonstrated the uniqueness of his experience.

Having loosened my neck up some more, he did some Reiki and energy work and things quietened down, and soon I am just lying there very relaxed and happy in the body.

After I got up he gave me some dietary tips, over a cup of tea, and he left, leaving me very relaxed and at home.

Written by Mark O’Brien for the “Session of the Month’, Here & Now magazine 1999-2007

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