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Some Great Juice Recipes

with Matt Cruz

After obtaining a juicer, the next step is to tailor your own ideal and fresh apple juice recipe. Provided below is four of my favourite apple juice recipes.

Why apples? Apples are a great choice for any well-balanced juice.

Apples are essential for healthy bones, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and in aiding in weight loss. Also, they have high vitamin C levels, especially in the skin.

Another tip in juicing is that much of a fruit or vegetables’ nutrients lie within their skin.

If you want to get your recommended intake of other nutrients, such as fibre, it is recommended to add the leftovers in the juicer into your juice with a spoon.

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How to Core Your Apples 

There are two ways to cut an apple; one way is by hand, and the other way is to purchase an apple slicer and corer. Those of you who do not have one of these corers are still in luck.

Listed below are the few quick and easy steps in slicing an apple.

1. Place apple on a proper cutting surface, stem upwards
2. Cut the apple four times, making a rectangular shape just around the core
3. Dispense of the core
4. Cut up into yet smaller pieces, so they fit into the juicer


This juice provides a balanced mix of flavours, with apples, vegetables, and berries. This recipe also includes the unique goji berries, though they can run high in price. Most often they can be found at your nearby health store.

This drink includes two green apples, two handfuls of blueberries, one celery stick, one whole carrot, and ten optional goji berries.

Keep in mind you don’t have to peel the carrot or any other fruit or vegetable. Make sure to always wash them well, as you don’t know what sort of pesticides and bacteria are on them.

Apple-Oange juice 

This simple and effective recipe provides yet another unique aspect, mint. The ingredients are as follows: three red apples, two oranges, and a handful of mint. The mint is added due to a combination of both flavour and minerals.

some great juice recipes

Mint and other herbs are a great tasting strategy when formulating any juice. Mint contains vital minerals such as copper, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron.

Consider adding it to your favourite juices.


The wonderful combination of both pineapple and apples provides a satisfying taste.

This juice is often recommended for early morning, the ingredients include three slices of pineapple, two red apples, a handful of spinach and grapes.

Another benefit of this specific juice is the enzyme bromelain in pineapple.

This enzyme aids your body in breaking down protein, and if you’re on an especially high protein diet, it may help your body in absorbing protein to increase muscle.

My Top Recommendation – Mystical Apple 

This apple juice recipe ranks number one on my list.

It is a very sweet yet effective juice, containing extremely healthy spinach. It is regarded as such because of the high amount of iron, which is a wonder-metal for our body.

This recipe includes one green apple, one red apple, one pear, one orange, and of course two handfuls of spinach.

To make sure to get your fruits and your vegetables, using strategies such as this to cover up the bland taste of vegetables can prove very useful.

Keeping the doctor away with apples may be an old wives’ tale, but that does not mean these apple juice recipes are not wonderful for you.

Make your next morning amazing; add one of these spectacular and refreshing recipes to your routine.

From Matt Cruz, Tailored Juicing

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