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I started using live blood analysis in my naturopathic clinic over two years ago and hardly ever saw parasites in people’s blood, and yes I was looking, but in the last two months I have been seeing parasites in about 7 out of 10 blood films.

This horrifies me, since I have read many books including Hulda Clarks Cure for all Diseases that suggests that all diseased and degenerative states are related to a parasitic infection of some type.

On questioning my clients, many say they are drinking filtered water, but are washing their fruits, vegetables and teeth in tap water.

We have had some opinion that maybe it is due to the falling water levels, and subsequent concentration of bacteria fungi and parasites.

The level of chlorine in the water appears to have gone up, so who knows for sure where these parasites are coming from, I can only say that I’m seeing an awful lot of them, so it might be a good idea to boil water before use just in case, and have a jug of boiled water ready for rinsing foods and teeth.

So what sort of symptoms have these people been coming in with you may ask?

Mostly just tiredness, but an array of other symptoms such as bloating, intestinal gurgling, constipation or irregular bowel movements, not always the usual diarrhoea that you would expect, nausea in some, occasional head-aches, and body aches in others.

A breakdown of immunological and detoxifying systems allow penetration of the parasites into the red blood cells, where the red cell membrane eventually breaks down and the parasites disperse, lengthen, divide and infect other red cells and possibly neighboring tissues if favourable conditions exist.

What is live blood analysis?

It is a procedure in which a single drop of blood from a finger prick is viewed by a microscope and projected onto a monitor where both you and I can both see the blood while the cells and micro-organisms present in the blood are alive.

Not only can you check for parasites, but also immune system strength, absorption ability, digestive enzymes, cholesterol indicators, nutrition levels and much more.

What can be done about parasite infections?

Anti-parasitic herbs such as Black Walnut, Chinese wormwood, bayberry, grapefruit seed extract and garlic can be used if the infection is mild, followed by a course of acidophilus and bifidus (friendly bacteria).

A healthy colony of these bacteria will help prevent and control pathogenic organisms that contribute to enteric infections.

Many of my clients with altered or congested bowels are choosing to also have colon irrigation to cleanse the environment which helps breed infection and to also cleanse the effects of what the parasites have left them with.

The aim of colonic irrigation is to remove all the unwanted matter from the colon.

This unwanted matter sticks to the bowel walls creating a source of toxicity, a breeding ground for pathogens and a welcoming home for parasites.

These toxins can pollute the brain and nervous system causing you to become depressed, irritable, tired and unmotivated as well as affecting your digestive system causing you to be distressed, bloated and unable to digest and assimilate the nutrients from your food.

Symptoms of an overloaded colon include: 

Lower back pain, fatigue and depression, menstrual problems, allergies, nausea and abdominal discomfort, constipation, diarrhoea, arthritis and insomnia to name just a few.

Colon irrigation flushes the toxins out, and through the release of impacted faecal matter a more healthy environment can be created for the good bacteria (intestinal flora).

So by eliminating this source of toxicity you are helping to remove the number one source of disease within the body.

At our clinic we offer colon hydrotherapy using special water filtration to ensure that the water is free of parasites and any other impurities.

Colonics are always performed with constant professional and personal care, with gentle, but stimulating abdominal massage throughout the session to help with the removal of wastes.

Originally published in Here & Now magazine, written by Sue Kira, from True Vitality

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