Introduction to readings

Tarot/Astrology/Psychic readings

What do the cards say about you? The stars?

Readings have an odd way of being appropriate and relevant.

A good ‘reader’ tunes in to the person and somehow is able to pluck memories or potentials out of the air, and make suggestions, give encouragement and support you on your journey.

Life is not linear, and readers really exemplify that, as they can function outside the box.

Of all the healing disciplines, this is the most subjective and most difficult to quantify.

There is no way to know which reader will be better than another, so all you can do is follow your instinct.

Don’t be concerned about whether or not you believe in Astrology or the Tarot; check it out and see if something or someone resonates with you.

The art of ‘reading’, of ‘seeing’, is thousands of years old, with most ancient cultures honouring their seers. Sometimes a ‘reading’ can resonate for years.

Over the years I have had many readings which have put past events into a perspective as the reader finds a new angle about what shapes me and my decisions and what happens to me.

Other readings give a glimpse of a possible future which personally I get a bit confused by and prefer to leave alone.

Astrology, Tarot  readers

By Mark O’Brien

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