Introduction to healers
What do healers do? What is healing?

Healing can almost be defined as being what is immeasurable in us, aligning the inner and outer parts of us.

Healing works with the subjective part of us.

Healing can be energy healing where the practitioner works on the more etheric elements that they can tune in to and as such the work is very subtle.

You can walk out of a session wondering what all that was about and all of a sudden you notice that you react differently to an old situation; something has changed.

Healing can also be more straight forward where the practitioner will help you to re-experience some painful event in order that it may be understood and integrated.

Often traumatic events in the past have a large bearing on how we live in the present.

For example, if we were abused as a child it may make it difficult to trust someone as an adult, and this would undermine all of our relationships.

Once we, as adults, can revisit this old pain, its hold over us is diminished and we can finally move on.

Healing may also be helpful for chronic issues, such as eczema, breathing difficulties or various allergies.

There are new techniques and technologies evolving constantly that can be harnessed to help with healing.

Some may sound really good, while others may seem to be too ‘out there’.

There is no way of knowing whether any claims made are true or not without actually experiencing the particular method.

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By Mark O’Brien

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