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Have you ever had viral infections? Fungal infections? Bacterial infections? Parasites?

These organisms can remain in your body, buried in your organs and tissues, doing damage to your health. Years later, life-threatening illnesses can result.

For example, if a child contracts Chicken Pox virus and he/she is not strong enough to expel it completely, the virus remains in the body and over the years attacks the Parathyroid gland.

The gland then becomes inflamed, creating problems with other glands. Inflammation of the parathyroid gland causes it to secrete excess parathyroid hormone.

This results in elevated calcium in the blood, which causes calcium to be drawn from the bones, which in turn leads to severe Osteoporosis.

When this occurs, the best diet, supplement and exercise regime will not stop continued deterioration of the skeleton.

Further, this excess calcium becomes deposited in the soft tissue, resulting in clogging of the arteries, kidney and gall bladder stones deposited in the joints and osteoarthritis. All of this due to an attack of chicken pox decades earlier!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is another example of the damage infections can inflict on your body.

The Townsend Letter for Doctors has stated, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is primarily a result of an accumulation of infections resulting in an overloading of the immune system. Viral infection is the main culprit.

‘The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) heads the list. Most CFS is marked by low thyroid function and EBV is usually the infection that interferes with thyroid function. EBV can account for many of the secondary symptoms, such as food intolerances, anxiety and other mental symptoms.”

According to Doctor Marx, “As we go through life, we are subject to a large variety of viral, parasitic, bacterial and fungal infections. It is my observation that many of these infections never completely clear the body, but become low grade infections in the bodies tissues. While we may not be aware of any symptoms, they are quietly undermining our health.

Each infection weakens the immune system and eventually overwhelms it. The result is catastrophic illness. We are shocked because the illness seems to come ‘out of the blue’. However, it has been developing most of our life.

These chronic infections play a major role in most major diseases and our eventual death. What we do not know or feel can hurt us and even kill us.”


Another American scientist, R.J. Marshall Ph.D, agrees. He states, “Mounting evidence now links viruses and bacteria to gallstones. Viruses and bacteria may play a major role in many chronic diseases where infection was never suspected before. In our lifetime, we have seen bacteria and viruses firmly linked to many diseases such as ulcers (Helicobacter Pylori), liver cancer (Hepatitis B and C viruses), cervical cancer (Papilloma virus) and Leukemia (HTLV-1 virus).

Strong evidence now links infectious agents to chronic diseases we once thought were caused solely by genes and lifestyle. For example, Pennsylvania scientists have discovered the same bacterium, Chlamydia pneumoniae, in the brains of Alzheimer’s victims.

Epidermologists have found the majority of heart disease patients have been infected with the same common bacterium, Chlamydia pneumoniae. Some researchers have concluded that up to 80% of heart disease is linked to infections.

New research strongly links infection to many diseases, including gallstones (Clostridia), kidney stones (Nanobacteria), Crone’s disease (Mycoplasma pneumoniae), juvenile diabetes (Coxackie B virus), schizophrenia (Brona and Influenza virus), breast cancer (Mammary Tumor virus) and many others.”

Research from these and other bodies of information has helped me develop the best course of action for these conditions. First I find it important to clear the system of any current bugs using specific herbal combinations.

Secondly (and at the same time) I boost the immune system to protect the liver from any die-back symptoms. The third action is to prescribe the Auto Iso Nosode Therapy, a therapy which uses your own blood to make a homoeopathic remedy.

It appears that via the practice of Homoeopathy is the only way that these long-standing infections can be cleared up. The principles are not new (they have been known for over 70 years) but now is the time we need this specialised technique to help us fight these modern day diseases.

The idea is to stimulate the bodies’ own immune system so it will produce the necessary antibodies to combat the old residues of the disease.

By using a fingerprick of the client’s blood, the homeopathic remedy ensures an individualised treatment for those “bugs” that may be stopping the client from feeling 100%. This treatment has a very good record of success, with many excellent testimonials.

By utilising the new knowledge available about organism clearing, I find that it is an advantage to incorporate each of the above three phases of the treatment to optimise treatment response, response time and client comfort during the process.

All of these techniques can be further enhanced by incorporating Colon Therapy, which will assist the body to regenerate faster by flushing out the dead and dying organisms.

I also find it is essential before starting a clearance program of these bugs to take a live blood analysis to determine the degree of effect the old bugs are having on the bodies’ system and to give me the opportunity to discuss the program extensively with the client (and also take the blood sample for the remedy).

I have used the Auto Iso Nosode technique for many years. I was recently inspired to use it more often because there have been many clients coming in to the clinic for a live blood analysis who have had trouble clearing current infections (because their old viruses were still having an effect on their immune systems).

If you would like to check your immune system or help clear your old viruses, then call me to book in for a live blood analysis…and start on your path to feeling great!

Originally published in Here & Now magazine, written by Sue Kira, from True Vitality

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