Ozone steam sauna and facial review

I’d heard lots of good things about having an ozone steam sauna and facial, as research shows that it does wonders for many aspects of the body, ridding the body of infections and toxins, causing remissions in some cancers amongst many other benefits, so I was very curious.

The practitioner gave me a form to fill out, the aim of which was to identify my personality type so she could give the most appropriate Australian Flower Essences in the facial.

In my grumpiness I didn’t see the relevance of some of the questions, but I think that was more to do with my post party state of being.

After this I climbed into the ozone/steam bath, where I sat with closed eyes for 30 minutes or so, coming back to myself and letting the ozone mixed with steam open my pores and begin the detox process.

The temperature can be set at any level, which was really nice, relaxing, so by the time I had a shower I was feeling much better.

Then it was up onto the table for a facial and head and neck massage.

The practitioner applied lots of different cleansing agents, all natural, which felt great, as did the pure vitamin oils she then applied, as well as the flower essences, totally pampering me.

After this she then got out the ozone (gas) and applied that via a small hose all over my face. It felt quite cool, enlivening, and she was very thorough, going over every square cm of my skin.

Ozone is apparently really good for wrinkles, as of course were all the oils and essences applied earlier, so soon I was in “yum land”, very relaxed, and feeling better by the minute.

When finally it was time to get up, she came and brought me a mirror, which surprisingly I felt quite shy about, and I was impressed with how relaxed and clean my skin looked and felt.

I don’t often remember to use moisturiser, so my skin is normally quite dry and now seemed really ‘wet’ after the rehydration.

I was surprised to see that 2 hours had passed when I put my clothes on, and walked out into the world grateful and relaxed. I know where to go when I need a pick-me-up, or have just been partying a lot.

Written by Mark O’Brien for the “Session of the Month’, Here & Now magazine 1999-2005

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