I lay on the table without any idea as to what was supposed to happen in a multidimensional cellular healing session, fully dressed, just breathing and letting the practitioners voice wash over me as she guided me into a space of relaxation.

The background music of birdsongs helped, and pretty soon there was just me and my breath and the occasional thought.

The practitioner continued speaking now and again, encouraging me to surrender, let go of anything that arose in my mind or emotional body, and placed her hands in various places asking me to let everything drain into them.

Usually I am not very adept at visualisation, and even now as she had me imagine being on the beach, bathing in colours, I felt lost, yet I did feel new subtle energies moving in my body.

Not a lot was happening on the outside in terms of what she was doing, or rather I was not necessarily aware of her actions as I had my eyes closed and she was doing some energy work at some distance from my body.

I found myself getting more and more quiet, and the awareness of my body grew till I was aware with surprise that every cell in my body was pulsing with life while I was feeling very relaxed.

This stayed with me for the remainder of the multidimensional cellular healing session, with some key figures in the movies currently running in my life appearing as presences and I was happy as I was able to simply be there, allow them to be likewise, and feel the stillness at the centre.

When the session was over I lay for a while, feeling like I do when I have just had a massage, enjoying the fluidity of my body, very relaxed, centred, and soft.

We chatted for a while and then I left quite impressed with the space I was in and how seemingly simple it had been to get there.

Written by Mark O’Brien for the “Session of the Month’, Here and Now magazine, 1999-2005

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