Intuitive healing therapy

Intuitive healing therapy is a description that covers a lot of possibilities so I had no idea what the session would look like or what would happen.

The practitioner immediately had me lie on her table, with my clothes on and started tuning in via her hands, which she moved here and there around my belly. Soon I found myself becoming quiet as I could sense that there was not going to be a lot for me to ‘do’.

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She touched here and there, moving down to my feet, in a way that didn’t give my mind any idea at all what she was doing. Then she began to chant while pressing here, stroking there.

I asked her later what language her chanting was in and her response was she did not know, only she trusted making those sounds, and felt it was a useful tool to distract the mind while her real work happened.

I found myself very aware of just being able to relax, and that anything that happened would be happening beneath my conscious mind and I would not have to concern myself too much about what would happen or what was supposed to happen, a big relief actually as often in receiving a session there is something to ‘apparently’ achieve.

She had been doing her thing for about 1/2 an hour when she surprised me by speaking about what she was ‘picking up’, an image of me as a child in a particularly difficult time.

I have done lots of ‘inner child’ work in my life, so was familiar with the terrain, though this was a new perspective and it was quite powerful to ‘go there’ with her guidance/instruction.

She then accessed another layer, some years later, also powerfully with this new perspective, and then worked in a way to integrate what had happened to that younger me.

She worked very much from a place of trust, where she followed her intuition without any prompting from me and I was surprised at the internal places in me and the related issues that she identified and worked through with me.

After about an hour the Intuitive healing therapy session was over, and we then spoke for a bit about what she had perceived and what kind of things I could do to facilitate the healing and integration she had initiated.

I left feeling quite impressed and grateful, with a lightness in my step as I went back to the here and now a little more whole than I had been before.

Written by Mark O’Brien for the “Session of the Month’, Here & Now magazine 1999-2005

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