Kira kay

The Times They Are Changing

With Kira Kay

I interact with many people each week and in the course of this I have noticed an increasing trend where the reliable constant seems to be change.

All over the world we are seeing changes happening on all levels; economic, political, scientific, earth/environmental, spiritual, relationships, personal.

New information is coming to us from all directions contradicting many of our known foundations, unsettling practically every concept. I consider this a wonderful opportunity for us individually and collectively.

The key, as I see it, is to work with the changes, to perceive the change as an invitation to grow and evolve with the movement.

Many catalytic events are opening new doorways and bringing new perspectives. Often illuminating duality in ways we have not observed so clearly before. I have enclosed some interesting ‘eye-tricks’ that are a simple illustration of this.

We can look at something from one view and see one thing, if we change perspective then we can see another view of the same situation. This is so very true with the way life is unfolding at present.

By training yourself to view life as possibility and opportunity rather than problems and difficulty it literally offers you new choices.

As I see it, understanding change and experiencing fundamental Truth provide the foundation to work with change. The ‘fundamental Truth’ that I refer to we each have within us, it is always there and always available to call upon.

This is our essential self, our true self.

That place within us that does know how to respond to changing outside circumstances, upheavals and chaos.

By embracing Truth and acting upon the inner messages it illuminates, you can then create the real probability of change being experienced with grace and ease.

Learning how to access this place of Truth and using it in everyday situations is the practical application of living from your true essence. And it is not so difficult!

The main point is to keep reminding yourself to not always rely on the intellectual process, more often to create space to tune in from your intuitive aspect, your natural self.

When a situation arises in your life that you initially perceive as a problem, let it float around and invite yourself to see if you can view this from another perspective.

Take some quiet time and gently reflect on the situation, being aware of the process of your mind but not engaging in the thoughts.

Gently ask your deeper self what else/how else can you be with this situation, allowing space for unexpected answers, images, words or sensations.

Sometimes a message may simply be to trust that what is happening is for your highest good even though you may be experiencing the situation as discomfort or painful, that there is more to the situation than you are seeing at present.

Sometimes it may be that you get a clear symbolic image that allows you to see the purpose or reason for the changes happening in your life.

You may even get strong clarity that allows you to move with the changes and have a whole different experience. However this can only happen if you ask for clarity!

If you keep thinking there is only grey fog and confusion and do not ask for clarity then it is much harder to tune into clarity.

I consider that we consciously create our future based on the choices that we make in this very moment. Our good fortune and well being, individually and collectively, depends entirely upon how changes are approached and dealt with.

I encourage everyone, including myself, to embrace the changes that  arise and expand into more of our potential individually and collectively. I trust that you have enjoyed this sharing.

I look forward to seeing some of you over the next months and I warmly and sincerely wish you depth and clarity in your choices over the next months.

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