Study Proves Vaccination Risks

In a study released in 2007 but that has struggled to see the light of day outside of fringe media, major links between childhood vaccinations and neurological disorders long disputed by the medical and pharma establishments have been clearly established.

The survey compared vaccinated and unvaccinated boys in Oregon and California and included 9,000 boys aged 4-17.

The survey found vaccinated boys to be 155% (two and a half times) more likely to have a neurological disorder, (including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Development Disorder — Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), or Autism), were 224% more likely to have ADHD and 112% more likely to have autism.

When older segments of this population, such as between 11-17, were analysed the levels of neurological disorder rose slightly to 157%, for ADHD it rose to 317%, while autism rates remained the same.

Complete survey results were available here but have been taken off-line.

It appears from this that as boys grow they can exhibit more symptoms of ADHD, though perhaps this is confused with normal teenage changes.

Or it may be that some symptoms of ADHD are only recognised in older boys when application to tasks is more easily observed.

Excerpted from Vaccinated Children more likely to have neurological disorders like ADHD and Autism which used to be on the website but has been removed as this site has changed its focus to be more pro – vaccine. Yes the previously credible sources of anti-vaccination information are being deleted as media companies get bought out.

See also A Dragon by the Tail Kindred magazine’s expose of the money and political connection behind the international vaccine industry.

Read here of the presence on the board of the US Institute of Medicine (IOM), the body that is responsible for checking safety of vaccines etc, of representatives of Lily Corporation, the company responsible for using the mercury-based preservative Thimerosal that has been linked to the autism-spectrum epidemic sweeping the developed world.

Possibly the most thorough investigation of the politics of vaccination ever published, this piece was largely plagiarised by Robert Kennedy Jnr in a piece published in Rolling Stone magazine (the original piece is not available on the RS site, tho an editor’s piece about the uproar it created is here.)

By Mark O’Brien, updated May 2017

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