Ortho-Bionomy BodyworkTM

Effective, Safe, Powerful, Simple to Learn

Ailments that no-one seems to know what to do with?

Spinal injuries that others cannot touch?

Expect resolution with Ortho-BionomyTM.

Expect to move again without pain. Ortho-BionomyTM is a complete, gentle system of bodywork, safe and extremely effective.

Ortho-BionomyTM works to ease and dissolve constrictions in all systems of the body.

The body has an innate ability to self-regulate and the practitioner has been trained to follow these naturally occurring principles.

The use of high velocity thrust adjustments, forceful invasive manoeuvres, are never applied.

Instead, comfortable positions, light compression, positional release, rocking and light compression are used to facilitate the body’s own self-corrective capacity to re-align.

The old maxim “no gain without pain” does not apply.

Misunderstandings dissolve, inner harmony is restored and the body returns to healthy function.

Self-care home exercises are taught in support of the client’s going alignment.

Ortho-BionomyTM works to relieve all types of musculoskeletal misalignments, especially injuries that have not resolved, acute and chronic pain, women’s issues, anxiety, depression, grief and stress.

Ortho-Bionomy means the correct application of the laws of life.

It was developed in the 70s by a creative genius, Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls D.O., teacher in martial arts and doctor of osteopathy.

Dr. Pauls combined his knowledge of both disciplines to create a system of healing which did not oppose the natural flow of the body’s energy and its ability to self-regulate.

Acknowledging this wisdom gives Ortho-BionomyTM its underpinnings of working with the body.

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