Dr Anna Rolfes

Kinesiology, What Is It?

With Dr Anna Rolfes

Kinesiology is a health care modality that  developed from the study of human movement.

A standardised system of clinical muscle assessment was used by many health carers in musculoskeletal medicine and sports science by the middle of the 20th century to design specific training programs for restoring impaired muscle function.

In the 1960s the late G. Goodheart, a US chiropractor, observed that isometric muscle tests sometimes displayed a transient weakness depending on the direction patients were looking with their eyes.

Goodheart and a group of chiropractors clinically researched this subtle functional phenomenon and discovered that there was a connection between dysfunction in other body systems and isometric muscle performance.

Further, they discovered that massaging or holding trigger points on the body or stimulating meridian flow could eliminate these transient weaknesses.

These discoveries became the stepping-stones to contemporary Kinesiology.

Contemporary Kinesiology works on the basis of the following observations:

Imbalance in body systems other than the muscles tested, can be detected through ‘muscle monitoring’ (‘indicator muscle testing’).

 Poorly functioning muscles and structural imbalance can be corrected by means other than exercise programs.

Thus, Kinesiologists are able to address energetic disturbances in a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms related to a presenting problem.

All Kinesiologists use ‘muscle monitoring/ indicator muscle testing’ as the bio-feedback tool to identify imbalances relating to the client’s presenting problem.

Kinesiologists do not ‘treat’ any conditions.

Kinesiologists do not ‘fight’ any disease.

Kinesiologists work with the body’s innate life supporting energy as it is displayed through the indicator muscle tests.

Through muscle monitoring the Kinesiology practitioner identifies the energetic imbalance that is associated with the presenting problem and then balances the body’s energy with Kinesiology balancing techniques, such as massaging, tapping or holding specific points on the body, balancing meridian flow, emotional release and physical awareness techniques.

Many Kinesiology modalities have specific assessment protocols and balancing techniques. The protocols and techniques a Kinesiologist uses depend on the training and proficiency of the practitioner.

Today many chronic health conditions have developed through the use of chemicals and preservatives in our food and environment.

The increase in artificially created electromagnetic radiation has altered the natural density of the electromagnetic environment we live in dramatically.

In our age the body as a self-renewing eco-system is under lots of pressure to keep its integrity. What is happening to the earth is also happening to us as individual small eco-systems.

Kinesiologists use physical, emotional, mental and spiritual techniques to re-balance the system.

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