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Introduction to counselling


Why have a Byron Bay counselling session?

Does it mean that we are in trouble, loaded down by problems? Conceptually counselling  can be a bit confronting.

Somehow counselling, the idea that we might need some help in our lives, is loaded up with lots of anxieties and pre-conceptions. It does not need to be the case.

However, counselling is a very useful option and does not have to wait until a crisis happens.

There are a lot of different styles of what is called counselling; Voice Dialogue, Relationship Counselling, Gestalt Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Family Constellations are just some of the available counselling-type sessions available.

Often with the conundrums of living in our increasingly complex world, it is needed simply to receive an outsider’s input to gain clarity and a fresh perspective on life’s issues.

Perhaps we always have the same issues in relationship that keep appearing or we have self-worth issues that may be worth exploring via counselling Byron Bay with a professional stranger.

Usually we will continue behaving in ways that no longer work for us until we decide to change, and then we can use some help.

We may have addictions we wish to overcome, like alcohol, smoking, overeating or drugs, and a counsellor can help us see underneath the surface to the underlying cause.

There are also many types of counselling, but most therapists will be honest enough over the phone to let you know if they can help you or not.

By Mark O’Brien

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