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Developing Spiritual Balance

An excerpt from an interview with Stuart Wilde

In the last 80s and early 90s Stuart Wilde was travelling the world, writing books, teaching his radical ideas of how to live one’s life.

Stuart’s methods of giving people an experience of altered consciousness included releasing non-poisonous python snakes into a room of meditators under strict instructions to not more or open their eyes for any reason!

Firewalking was used, also Stuart ran weekend retreats at casinos entitled How to Win at Roulette. I had a friend who participated in one of these weekends, and not only won the workshop cost ($2000) back but another $3000 as well.

Others in his group all recouped the cost of the workshop.

Confrontational, in your face, Stuart’s books were a favourite in many seekers’ book shelves.

Stuart Wilde died in 2013. May he continue to disturb and challenge the status quo wherever he may be.

See the above link for Stuart’s website and list of books.

Questioner: In your tape series “Loving Relationships” you explain how females have a natural spiritual balance.

You also mention that when women figure that out and stop trying to compete with male energies, they will begin to know their power.

Do you have any thoughts on how they might be able to do this in a balanced way?

It seems like the role models we see of women who have “made it” today are women who have done so by pushing their way through.

Stuart: It’s true that we seem to see the role models who take a more “yang” pushy attitude to life.

However, you have to qualify what you mean by ‘making it’. In the ego’s currency, ‘making it’ is money, glamour, success, power, fast cars, and the like.

In my view, making it is more of a spiritual exercise, so there are millions upon millions of women who have made it quietly in a spiritual way who would not be considered successful in the ego’s world.

If you adopt the ego’s currency for your life, then you do have to push. We live in a patriarchal society that requires yang types of action, investment, shoving, self-advertising, and so on.

If you work in the currency of the higher self or the infinite self, then making it is something very different.

Obviously, one needs to develop a balance – a certain amount of ‘making it’ in order to be creatively and financially successful, and a certain amount of embracing one’s feminine spirituality.

I know loads of soft, feminine ladies who are self-made millionaires, so it can be done.

Women have to walk a fine line between making a living and asserting themselves so they’re not used and manipulated by other people.

But then again, the balance is the same for males, because the tendency for males is to push so hard and to strive with such zeal that they push the very thing they want away from themselves.

Many males tend to overwork themselves and lose track of their childlike qualities and their inner yin softness.


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