Beware Swine flu vaccinations

By Mark O’Brien

With the current world wide panic about Swine Flu and the pandemic scare campaign being driven by big pharma via a compliant and ‘bought and paid for’ media, it is worth noting the results of previous mass swine flu vaccinations and questioning the rationale around the current push in Australia for mass vaccinations.

In 1976, after a small group of soldiers were infected with a swine flu virus, the US Government immunised 40 million Americans.

Of the various problems that arose, one unexpected side effect was of ascending paralysis (Guillain-Barré syndrome)  that caused 25 deaths.

The US Institute of Medicine was asked to report on what happened. (See The Swine Flu Affair: Decision-Making on a Slippery Disease)

The rationale for mass swine flu vaccinations is that it ‘may’ otherwise turn into a deadly pandemic.

While the swine flu spreads rapidly it has a very low mortality rate, with less than one death per 100,000 infected, far less than normal seasonal flu.

It also seems that approximately 10% of the population in Australian and New Zealand were already infected.

The original commentary in the media was that in Australia alone tens of thousands were to die if left unimmunised.

The Australian Federal Health department estimated that 6,000 would die.

However, by the end of winter, there were 170 associated deaths, far less than the 2-3000 that normally die from season flu.

While these 170 deaths are regrettable, it hardly constitutes a national health emergency worthy of mass vaccinations.

The CSL PanFlu vaccine, for which the government has indemnified CSL, was only tested in a group of 220, 1/3 of whom were already immune from previous contact. 1/2 the subjects had systemic or local side effects, while in 1% these effects were severe.

Over winter, the death rate from swine flu was .8 per 100,000, or 8 per million people infected.

The efficacy rate of the vaccine is said to be 50-80%, so, at the most, if a million people were vaccinated then 2-3 people may not die from swine flu, while ICU admissions would be reduced by 13-22.

Going from the results of the aforementioned study, if a million people were to be vaccinated, up to 10,000 people would have severe side effects, while 500,000 would have some reaction.

If the results of the US mass vaccination are repeated in Australia, then we can expect 10 cases per million of Guillain-Barré syndrome.

We can also expect an increase in incidences of infections resulting from the use of multi-use vials.

It appears from the lack of infections in the elderly that most people over 60 already have immunity, as do at least 30% of 18-60 year-olds, so there seems little point in subjecting the population to the risks of another vaccination, particularly when there are risks and little testing has been done.

Excerpted from original article Mass vaccinations for Swine Flu: learning from hindsight by Peter Collignon

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