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The downside of high tech

Are we creating, via the increasing role technology is playing, a society more tolerant of differences, or is technology pushing us towards a more Orwellian future? Is technology bringing us together or pushing us... social issues articles

Our Digital Life: Where Is It Going?

We all know that our lives, how we relate to our world, to each other has change dramatically with technology, especially with the advent of the smart phone and social media. How is this impacting on the wiring of our brain, that will be passed down...

Sleep Problems Associated With IPhones

Recently some research institutions have been studying sleep problems associated with iPhones, and the results point to yet another example where our addiction to technology is having disturbing...

Dirty Secrets Of The Food Processing Industry 1

We have long heard of the perils of processed food, though mainly in relation to the lack of nutrition therein. This abridged article refers to the methods used by the US processed food industry which can be assumed to be in use in Australia also....