The Journey massage

The Journey Massage is unique to the usual The Journey work (From Brandon Bays) because the therapist uses her hands on the body to enhance the inward healing journey that one takes during the process.

My complaint was that I had intense hay fever that was even waking me up at nights sneezing and coughing. It was becoming annoying and was at times debilitating.

After we spent some time talking, she then explained to me what the Journey work was about and how the process would go.

I knew immediately that this was not the kind of process where one can just space out and relax. This “massage” is about a proactive responsibility to my own healing.

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She had me close my eyes as she talked me into a very deep space. When I was ready, she had me get on to the massage table where she talked me through a voyage inside my body to discover what revelations about the hay fever could be discovered and addressed.

As she spoke, her hands moved over my body intuitively, synchronistically massaging the blocks that arose or touching to give encouragement. This helped me process what ever emotion or insight arose along the way.

Though I was in a deeply relaxed state, there was dialoguing back and forth as different issues arose and as we “travelled” from place to place. This is unique to The Journey Massage.

I encountered much in the session and at times that was very confronting.  The therapist has an ability to make people feel safe on the table. Because of my active participation, there is a sense that there is real potential for healing.

She then got a piece of paper and wrote down some of the steps towards healing that I had indicated along the way (not holding it together so much, getting some herbs etc).

The session was over, not because my time was up, but because I had genuinely come to a resolution. After some time to re-integrate, the practitioner asked me to write a letter to myself around the experiences I had and what revealed itself for me to do to further support my healing.

My hay fever has actually begun to shift. I only have minor indications of it from time to time which remind me to go deeper into the process which began with my session.

Written for the “Session of the Month’, Here & Now magazine 1999-2005

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