Polarity therapy

I had a book on Polarity therapy some years ago, but had never actually had a session from someone who was really into it, so I was very interested in what would happen.

Polarity is about moving energy around the body on the principle that the right side is positive, as is the upper part, and the left and lower are negative.

The session began with hands-on, just resting, tuning in, and then she moved quite methodically around my body, holding, shaking, releasing, until I found myself, surprisingly, in a still and centred space.

The therapist would connect various parts of my body by resting her hands here and there, giving subtle stretches that had an immediate relaxation affect.

At one point she started working on my stomach area, and I was surprised how she went in quite deeply, which was in contrast to how she’d been working previously.

She later told me that she became aware that some of my organs, including my liver, needed some attention, and so she alternately worked gently and deeply on my colon, psoas, and liver, which felt very good, if a little intense.

She then completed the session with a back massage, which she says is not part of the treatment as such, but she likes to do it and people, including me, like to get a bit of pampering to round off the session.

Afterwards, after an hour and a half of solid work, I felt very good, with the feeling that I had received a treatment rather than a massage, that my body energies had been realigned.

Written by Mark O’Brien for the “Session of the Month’, Here & Now magazine 1999-2005

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