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The Chinese bodywork practitioner and I had a brief chat about the various things happening in my world relating to my physical well-being, and once that was complete he got down to work.

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Unusually we kept speaking as he worked, neither of us being distracted from the job at hand. I must say that again I really enjoyed the feeling of strength of a man’s hands. He spoke about the various meridian and energy blockages he was discovering and working on.

He knew how to find those sore spots, and I enjoyed it as he obviously knew what he was doing, and related all the little pains to life, either mine particularly or the collective.

For example he was working on a point related to the small intestine, which also relates to the heart, and how it was painful for me. Chinese bodywork is a bit different to other deep bodywork modalities.

He said everyone hurt in that spot these days, as it reflects a certain broken-heartedness many people are feeling around the world, and how the leaders have ‘broken our hearts’ in their callous disregard for the finer points of humanity.

It was quite something to hear the truth of that, feeling the resonance with all of the [Iraq War] peace marches, the refugee struggles, all of the ways in which we fight to preserve or reclaim some semblance of compassionate humanity.

It was amazing because I had been having some inexplicable pains over the previous weeks in various joints that would just appear out of nowhere for no reason, and as he worked he referred again and again to the same heart/small intestine meridian that was running through these areas. A bit of an ‘aha’ moment.

I liked not being sold any concepts or given any advice. Can be a pain in the butt when you are all relaxed after a session when someone wants to download their belief system onto you.

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When the session was over I had to get up quickly due to time constraints, which was a bit of a drag as normally I would have lain there luxuriating in the feeling, because I felt really good in my body.

Deep bodywork done well changes your day. I had the feeling during the session that this guy was a courageous bodyworker inasmuch he is very willing to push it if the client is up for it, which I appreciate.

By Mark O’Brien, 2003

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