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Myee Stephen: Light Intentions

Myee Stephen: Light Intentions Myee Stephen, Light Intentions, Holistic practitioner utilising Eastern and Western philosophy for individual client centred consultations. Registered nurse/midwife, Theta healer practitioner and instructor, pranic...

Myee Stephen: Light Intentions practises:

Crystal Healing Healers Spiritual Healing Theta Healing Reiki

Carmelle Moore

Carmelle Moore, Voicemoves. Harmonic Craniosacral, Voice Therapy, Wholistic Counselling, Speech Pathology, Harmonic Craniosacral, Magical Touch & Music for your Soul! Voice Therapy Vocal presence, clarity and power! Integrating careful analysis...

Cameron Mercer

Cameron Mercer: Crystal Healing (C.H.A.C.H.T.C., M.H.M.H.W.). Cameron Mercer is a master teacher and practitioner specialising in crystal healing and sound healing using the latest techniques; full body crystal healing layouts chakra alignment and...

Cameron Mercer practises:

Crystal Healing

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