Carmelle Moore, Voicemoves.

Harmonic Craniosacral, Voice Therapy, Wholistic Counselling, Speech Pathology, Harmonic Craniosacral, Magical Touch & Music for your Soul!

Voice Therapy

Vocal presence, clarity and power!

Integrating careful analysis and technical expertise with the subtle science of yoga and the art of soul expression, we unlock hidden blockages, and empower expression of the fullness of your voice with ease.

Carmelle draws on 20 years expertise in speech pathology, yoga and voice to offer a unique and integrated method for enhancing your voice production.

She will thoroughly assess your vocal production and individually tailor techniques to create flexibility, warmth, presence and projection for singing, speaking or presenting.

SoulSounds yoga 

Individual and group sessions for new or advanced students. With twelve years’ experience teaching yoga, Carmelle has developed SoulSounds yoga providing unique and practical tools to deepen the practise of yoga.

Understanding that all is vibration, SoulSounds yoga teaches students to tune in to and harmonise heart, soul, mind and body.

“That is the deepest I have ever gone in meditation”

“I loved the energetic images that accompanied the movements”

Harmonic Craniosacral

Magical touch and music for your soul!

“Harmonic Craniosacral” is a deeply restorative treatment that realigns your whole being.

A unique blend of gentle yet powerful craniosacral balancing, Orion Theta healing, shamanic sound healing.

With the celestial sounds of harmonic healing chimes, Tibetan and crystal bowls and sacred song, Carmelle creates a resonant sound field to support the powerful vibrational shifts as old patterns are released.

Health fund & Medicare rebates available.
Carmelle ph. 6684 1888, 0422 360 909,

Carmelle Moore (B, App. Sc. Speech Pathology, MSPA, C.P.S.P., Dip. Ki Yoga, Craniosacral Level 3)

Carmelle Moore is a Byron Bay Harmonic Craniosacral practitioner, a Byron Bay Speech Pathologist, a Byron Bay Voice Therapist, a Byron Bay Sounds Yoga therapist.