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Advertising in the Byron Body & Soul Guide

Advertising in the Byron Body & Soul Guide

The deadline for advertising in the Byron Body & Soul Guide, 2018 issue, is Nov 10. Please note, from December 2012 the ‘Guide is now being published once a year instead of twice as previously.

Testimonial from Carolyn Boniface re increased response in 2017

“The Body and Soul has been singularly the best means of advertising for my services.  With the improved distribution I have had more calls this year than any other, from both locals and tourists alike.  It is the only directory exclusive to complementary therapists in our region and every natural therapist who wants their services to be known should be in there.”

Celebrating its 19th year of publication and 32nd issue, the Byron Body and Soul Guide remains the comprehensive guide to and flagship for the alternative healing industry in the Byron Bay region.

Published annually with 25,000 copies printed each issue, it is distributed to motels, guest houses, backpackers’, health and healing centres, gyms, various shops and cafes in the Byron Shire and Lennox Head.

Given that the ‘Guide is distributed to tourists who come to Byron Bay for their holidays, advertisers actually also have a national reach as people tend to take the Guide home with them.

The Byron Body & Soul Guide has become synonymous with ‘alternative’ health, with yoga, fitness, massage, meditation and beauty, and has become the primary vehicle for practitioners to promote themselves and for people looking for something new in their lives.

For those who are interested in advertising for the Byron Boy & Soul Guide is Nov 10, the publication date being the second week of December, 2016.

To download the 2016 edition of the Byron Body & Soul Guide click here

Please read the sections entitled Artwork and Copy Information and Mistakes and make sure any person designing any ad understands what is required. By booking an advertisement with the ‘Guide it is assumed the included conditions have been understood and agreed to.

Please note that, until further notice, all advertisers in the Guide are eligible for a free ad on this website for the duration of their ad in the guide.
Ad sizes

  • Full Page – 216 high by 154 wide – see below re full page ads 
  • Half Page – 90 high by 132 mm wide or 186 high by 64 wide
  • Quarter Page – 90mm high by 64 mm or 43 high by 132 wide
  • Eighth Page – 43mm high by 64 mm
  • Practitioner ads – 100 words and photo
Prices- Please note there is no GST component to these prices

B/W and Full Colour 

  • Full page $1100
  • 1/2 page $650
  • 1/4 page $420
  • 1/8 page $270
  • Practitioner ads $280

For full page ads: Actual page size is 210 by 148. Please add 3mm bleed all around if you wish to run your ad to the edge of the page. Do not place important information within 8 mm of edge.

Special pages prices

Back page, $1350. Inside front, inside back, and page 3, $1200.

* A 25% loading applies to all preferential position requests. Available only for 1/4 page colour ads and larger.

Practitioner Ads 

(see above for pricing and the documents below for a sample of how these pages look):
Includes a brief introduction of up to and no more than 100 words, with personal photo (supplied). Please include a title heading consisting of your name and your specialty to facilitate your ad being in the correct section. This should be no more than 6 words long in adition to your name so it fits on one line. Please count words before sending, or we will have to edit as we see fit.

Directory Listing

(Name, modality and page number)
One listing per ad is included in the price of Display, Product or Practitioner Ads. For additional listings (practitioners may like to be listed under numerous modalities), $20 per entry.

Terms of Payment

Terms of payment are strictly 7 days after date of booking. Payment may be made by direct deposit (see acc details below) by by Paypal (send payment to Please email me receipt of payment to

If wishing to pay by cheque please contact Mark on 0266 190 155. Advertisements are to be paid for in advance and are not considered booked until paid for, and those not paid for will not be printed.

For direct deposit.

Acc name: Byron Publications
BSB: 722744
Acc number: 99817 – some banks require a 6 digit acc number, in which case simply put a (0) in front of the above number.

Please ensure that YOUR business name is put in the reference field so we can see who the payment is from.

Please forward your receipt of payment to us via email.

Artwork and Copy information

Copy and artwork are to be either emailed or supplied on CD. Artwork should be supplied for InDesign, including all images and fonts used, or as high res (300 dpi) jpg. or PDF files.

In all complete image files, fonts are to be embedded or outlined. PDFs not made with Acrobat Distiller are not acceptable; this includes all generic pdfs made from Photoshop, Illustrator or MacOSX.

Any changes to original artwork or details are to be charged at a $10 minimum and submitted in writing or by email. Basic ad design costs are not included within cost structure, and are charged for at the rate of $60/hour.

Proofs may be emailed only. Byron Publications does not accept any responsibility for incorrect reproduction of supplied artwork.


The publisher accepts no responsibility for incorrect information supplied, for mistakes arising from unclear original copy, late changes, copy delivered in an unclear way or undue time pressure. This applies to all copy received after deadline.

Mistakes made as part of our normal production process will be rectified by way of a (variable) discount on further advertising. It is our policy not to give refunds.

All paid advertisers will receive a free ad on our new website,
Please email for all your enquiries.

Technical Specifications

Files should be sent for Indesign. Images as high res .jpeg, .psd files, Illustrator PDF or Acrobat PDF files. All files should be sent at right size, and at 300dpi.

Do not send files in Publisher, Corel Draw or other Windows only programs. Images in Word files are also not acceptable.

Please embed all fonts in Illustrator or Photoshop files, or include complete suitcases of all fonts used if supplying Indesign files, as well as all images used.

Do not use the ‘bold’ or ‘italic’ function keys if the font family being used does not contain a bold or italic version. As some of these files cannot be altered once they have been flattened, please ensure a thorough proof-reading is undertaken prior to submission.

The Byron Body & Soul Guide accepts no responsibility for any errors in such files. Pure text files should be sent as a text document or in the body of emails.

For colour ads; please understand that complete accuracy of colour reproduction cannot be guaranteed, and that it is not always possible to reproduce colours which appear on your screen (RGB) in CMYK.

Any variation on original colour scheme that is acceptable to the publisher will be deemed good enough. The publisher takes no responsibility for 100% accuracy of colour reproduction.

Slight variations occur in the printing process which are not considered grounds for any refunds or future credits. If however, errors occur which are the fault of Byron Body & Soul Guide or our system, such will entitle such advertiser to a variable discount for following issue. No responsibility is accepted for the variable effects of the CMYK printing process.

By choosing to advertise it is considered that advertisers have understood and agree to these conditions.