Tiana Ross massage and beauty treatments.

Tiana Ross massage and beauty treatments. Quality Massage/Bodywork, Non-Surgical Facelifts, Scenar Therapy, Bio Cleanse Detox. Tiana brings over 30 years’ experience to her work and offers a holistic and multilayered approach to your healing needs, whether it be luxurious pampering or deep physical, mental and emotional de-stressing and rebalancing.

Massage styles include restorative, remedial, pregnancy, hot rock, trigger points and spinal tension release.

Tiana’s Byron Bay massage reportoire is extensive and she specialises in physio-therapeutic spinal massage.

Scenar Therapy is a Russian medical device that reduces pain and inflammation and restores function to muscular/skeletal and spinal conditions and can help with mossie virus conditions.

Facial Harmony is a gentle and unique metaphysical facial that takes you to the heart of deep inner bliss.

Tiana also specialises in faces and non-surgical facelifts and offers a range of treatments that target the signs of ageing and leave you looking radiant and uplifted!

So smile and shine.

Gift vouchers and mobile service. 0401 875 725, 6680 3031


Tiana Ross is a recommended practitioner in the art of Byron Bay non surgical facelifts, Byron Bay detox, Byron Bay beauty therapy, Byron Bay Scenar and Byron Bay massage

Tiana Ross massage and beauty practises:

Beauty Detox Massage, General SCENAR Therapy Relaxation Massage