Byron Bay Detox Retreats and Clinic

Byron Bay detox

“Cleanse your body and let the healing begin in the heart of every cell”

Byron Bay Detox offer one of the most comprehensive and wholistic detox programs and treatments today.

We provide the space so that one is able to let go of all the toxic build up, on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, allowing your true spirit to shine so that you may experience the joys of vibrant health and harmony.

Our services include:

  • Colonic hydrotherapy
  • Naturopathic consultations and health analysis; urinalysis, gastrointestinal and pathology testing, blood pressure monitoring
  • Fasting with alkalised ionised water, organic juices, mineral broths, herbal teas, nutraceuticals, and herbal supplements
  • Infrared sauna
  • Parasite, liver and heavy metal cleanse
  • Massage, bodywork and organic skin care treatments
  • Yoga, meditation, sound healing and purification rituals
  • Spiritual counselling and life coaching
  • Consultations and customised treatments all delivered by qualified health professionals


We offer a range of professional treatments aimed at detoxifying the body, mind and soul to suit every individual and budget.

Our health professionals will assist you with personalised detox programs/services/treatments and may facilitate you through exclusive juice fasting programs or retreats.

Come in just for the day for treatments or stay with us for the week on a residential retreat, the choice is yours!

Our clinic is located on the beach in Byron Bay and we conduct our 
residential group detox retreats at beautiful Byron Bay sanctuaries and in Asia, including Bali and Thailand.

Discover the health benefits of renewed energy and vitality

    • Natural Weight Loss
    • Breaking of Addictions
    • Reduced Effects of Ageing
    • Healthier, Clearer Complexion and Mind
    • Improved Digestion
    • Spiritual Growth

Please phone 0458 633 869 or 0458 733 869 or visit for more details.

We welcome all enquiries.

Byron Bay Detox Retreats and Clinic practises:

Detox Massage, General Retreats Naturopathy Stopping Smoking