Sucha Karen Lee: Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

Health, according to Ayurveda, is the state of balance between mind, body and environment. It is an ancient natural system of medicine meaning ‘knowledge of life’.

Sucha Karen Lee does Ayurveda massage therapy which aims to achieve an even blood circulation throughout the body with the use of oil and a traditional ayurvedic powder.

This together with the yoga stretches in the massage, is particularly designed to remove energy blocks and to direct the ‘prana’ energy around the body so that a balanced, even and unobstructed flow of prana is possible.

This work is very life-giving and brings light and energy to the areas of the body forgotten about.

As of 2015 Sucha is living in Perth.

For sessions or enquiries about trainings in 2015/16, call 0411 127 778

Sucha Karen Lee is a Byron Bay Ayurvedic massage therapist and Byron Bay Ayurvedic Massage teacher


Sucha Karen Lee: Ayurvedic Yoga Massage practises:

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