Sister Maria had been out at the market buying fresh fish for the nuns’ dinner at the convent.  She returned to the kitchen weighed down by her purchase and gave the fish to Sister Clara for cleaning.

“Here’s the goddam fish, Sister Clara!”, she puffed, heaving the enormous fish onto the table.

“Sister! Please watch your language!” exclaimed the shocked Sister Clara. “Remember that you are in God’s house now.”

“Oh, that’s okay” replied the beaming nun, “That’s the name of the fish, I heard them call it by name at the market.”

“In that case, I’ll go ahead and clean the goddam fish!” exuded Sister Clara with a burst of enthusiasm.

A little later, the fish cleaned and prepared, Sister Clara presented it to Sister Theresa for cooking. “Here’s the goddam fish sister!” she proudly announced, presenting the 10 pound monster to the surprised nun.

“Sister, sister, please watch your language!” admonished Sister Theresa, “Remember you are in God’s house!”

“Oh it’s okay” retorted the proud Sister Clara, “That’s the name of the fish, Sister Maria told me so herself.”

“Oh, I see”, said Sister Theresa, “In that case I’ll go ahead and cook the goddam fish!”

At dinner time, Sister Theresa called Mother Superior, who was to take the fish to the dining room for their evening meal. “The goddam fish is ready Mother!” called the young nun.

“Sister, please mind your language!” admonished the stern Mother Superior “Remember you are in God’s house!”

“Oh, it’s okay, Mother”, explained Sister Theresa, “That’s the name of the fish.”

“In that case” said the Mother, “It’s a beautiful goddam fish and I’ll take it to the table.”

That evening, Father Patrick, the new priest, was joining the nuns for dinner, a little apprehensive of the austerity of their environment. All the nuns and Father Patrick were seated around the long table when Mother Superior proudly uncovered the most enormous fish any of them had ever seen. “Just look at this beautiful goddam fish Father Patrick!” the Mother proudly enthused.

“Yes, I bought the goddam fish at the market today” Sister Maria quickly chipped in.

“And I cleaned the goddam fish!” added Sister Clara

“Yes, and I cooked the goddam fish!” chimed in Sister Theresa.

They all turned to Father Patrick for his compliment of the splendid specimen. Almost beside himself with joy he blurted out, “Sisters, it’s the best goddam fish I’ve ever seen and I like this fucking place already!”