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Kowalski comes home

Kowalski comes home unexpectedly from work, and goes upstairs to the bedroom. He finds his wife, Gertie, lying naked on the bed looking very flushed, with her hand clutched over her heart.

“My God!” shouts Kowalski, “What is going on?”

“Oh!” moans Gertie, “Phone the doctor. I think I am having a heart attack!”

“What?” shouts Kowalski. He turns and races downstairs to the phone and dials Dr Bones.

Just then, his little daughter comes up to him and tugs at his sleeve.

“Dad,” she says, “There is a man hiding, naked, in the bedroom closet.”

“What?” shouts Kowalski.

He drops the phone and races back to the bedroom. He opens the closet door and finds his best friend standing there without any clothes on.

“George!” shouts Kowalski, “You should be ashamed of yourself. My wife is having a heart attack and here you are frightening little children.”

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