A Goy Goes To See The Rabbi

A goy goes to see the rabbi and says that he would like to convert to Judaism.

Rabbi: Well, being a Jew means a lot more than just converting. You would need to make a lot of sacrifices, such as observing the Sabbath as well as our dietary laws.

Goy: I’ve seen the light, and I’m prepared for any sacrifices.

Rabbi: Well, there’s more to it than that. You would have to pass a test.

Goy: I’ve been studying the Talmud for two years now, so I’m sure I could pass any test.

Rabbi: Well, there’s also a fee. You would have to pay $500.

Goy: 500 bucks????? That’s outrageoous! UCKS?????? I’ll give you 15 bucks.

Rabbi: You passed the test.