Mark’s news digest March 5, 2021 

Mark’s news digest March 5, 2021Today’s digest of national and international news by Mark O’Brien. Click on the links to go to the original publisher’s page

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Canberra sex abuse scandal updates

Prime Minister Morrison. You’re on notice. The women of Australia have had ENOUGH

Most Australians believe the government is more interested in protecting its own interests than women

What about ‘respect, protect, reflect? Our leaders’ silence over parliament rape allegations is damning

Scott Morrison’s ‘women issue’ is likely the reason he won’t call an early election

Brittany Higgins considers suing Linda Reynolds over ‘lying cow’ remark

“The prime minister said on Thursday morning that he did not condone the comments, but he asked or understanding for Reynolds, imploring people to think about comments they have made in what they believed to be a private setting.”

So typically Scomo – not ‘let’s all learn how to communicate respectfully’ but rather ‘be careful not to get caught when abusing someone’.

Brittany Higgins says minister’s ‘lying cow’ slur is further evidence of Parliament’s toxic culture

Why the response to the historical rape allegation against a Minister is so different

Former Labor MP Emma Husar says the culture of silence and cover up exists on all sides of politics

‘He said, she said’: Peter Dutton’s response to parliament rape allegations is shameful

He is really such an awful human being. The ‘she’ in question suicided, it is unknown how her alleged rape at 16 affected her state of being since.


Enviro news

Biden administration pauses transfer of holy Native American land to mining firm

BHP and Rio Tinto joint project to mine sacred lands for $1billion of copper, especially required now for electric cars, put on hold.

Agriculture can play a starring role in a net-zero-emissions Australia


Covid news

What’s in Australia’s COVID-19 vaccines? Here are the ingredients in the Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs

Australian government won’t reveal how much it is paying companies to distribute Covid vaccine


General Australian news

From Eddie McGuire to James Packer: No longer ‘too big to fail’ on power?

Is 2021 the year we turn it around for refugees?



These graphs tell the story of the Facebook news ban — and what happened after

As the recent Facebook drama around news went nuclear and Facebook shut off news feeds amidst collective discomfort about Facebook’s ‘algorithms’ and data mining and Facebook ‘knowing’ whatever you are interested in before you do, Mark’s news digest was created to provide a local independent news service.

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